Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First email post!

Just giving the post-by-email thing a try.  It's a pretty clever delivery mechanism I just wish the security was a little better than a "secret" value in the destination email address itself. 

Then again, it's about all that one might expect for simply making use of simple email.  It's not like there's any hooks for an authentication mechanism, or anything.

I've also been looking at client software with which to post, but it seems like the move of Blogger to a Google service has broken the old apps that were written for Atom.  I checked the Google API developer's guide and compared it to the atom.c file in drivel, a nifty-looking Linux client for Blogging.

Unfortunately, in comparing the code, it looks like going out of Beta for Blogger 2 also brought a new API, which perhaps requires a rewrite of the other client packages out there?

On the other hand, it might simply be a user error.  When I try and log into the URL, it doesn't seem to acknowledge my account.  Maybe that's a Blogger v 1.0 thing, though. 

Still too new to know.

C'est la vie.

My blog, version 3.0 - First Post!

Ever since the mid nineties, I've been dabbling with posting stuff online (though it wasn't called blogging back then...). My website has gone through many different forms over time, from a set of static pages hosted first on my home account the University of Delaware webservers to hosted on @Home and then

Then I decided I wanted something a bit more elegant, and got myself a small web hosting account. I installed PHPNuke (what was I thinking??) and ran with that for a while. It was fairly serviceable, though not very well suited for a blog. In particular, spammers started to exploit security holes to post their garbage. Not to mention, I had the entire burden of administration. Backups, upgrades, all that happiness.

So, I locked the site down and tried some software specifically suited for blogging. Simple PHP Blog was the software I settled on, for the very reason of it's namesake. It was simple. While I found the result appealing for a while, it too had its disadvantages. Again, as time went on, security holes were found and spammers started to spew upon it.

In addition, since my site was off on its own, there was nothing really to draw people to it. what's the point of blogging if no one's watching?

So, I figured I'll give an account on Blogger a try. Allow me now to christen my latest blog version with the time-honored Slashdot tradition...