Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First email post!

Just giving the post-by-email thing a try.  It's a pretty clever delivery mechanism I just wish the security was a little better than a "secret" value in the destination email address itself. 

Then again, it's about all that one might expect for simply making use of simple email.  It's not like there's any hooks for an authentication mechanism, or anything.

I've also been looking at client software with which to post, but it seems like the move of Blogger to a Google service has broken the old apps that were written for Atom.  I checked the Google API developer's guide and compared it to the atom.c file in drivel, a nifty-looking Linux client for Blogging.

Unfortunately, in comparing the code, it looks like going out of Beta for Blogger 2 also brought a new API, which perhaps requires a rewrite of the other client packages out there?

On the other hand, it might simply be a user error.  When I try and log into the URL, it doesn't seem to acknowledge my account.  Maybe that's a Blogger v 1.0 thing, though. 

Still too new to know.

C'est la vie.

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