Friday, April 6, 2007

Toshiba Satellite A135-S4427: More Display problems

As nice of a unit as the new laptop seems to be, it has not been without its problems. I bought the computer about two months ago. Just past 30 days of purchase, the LCD back light went dead. After backing up my data I took it back to CompUSA and asked for an exchange. They gladly obliged me (mainly because I had bought their extended warranty). Within 20 minutes, I had a brand-spanking new laptop and was happily on my way.

Fast forward to today, and suddenly in the last twenty-four hours my screen has stated acting...funny. I've been booted into Windows since this morning, and whenever I open my lid, the display flickers in a frighteningly familiar fashion. It's very similar to the way the LCD back light on the last unit started behaving before it went kaput.

Naturally, this has me greatly concerned. It's only just started, and maybe it's just the way that Windows behaves vs. Ubuntu (where I haven't yet seen such a strange behavior). I'm going to watch it closely over the next few days, however. I have a bad feeling this one's on its way out, too.

If this goes, I'm getting something completely different. Should I have a second dud unit, it either speaks poorly for this model of Toshiba or Vista, or some combination thereto.

God I hate hardware...


Fred said...

I have a similar problem. I have the A135-s4427. I have a flicker when I resume from sleep mode. The screen flickers about 7-8 times. I always hear a vista sound file (like an error sound file) while the screen flickers. I'm not sure if it is the same problem, but it is very annoying nonetheless.

I've been on toshiba support site and have found no resolution for the problem, but I don't know if I've done the most thorough search. The download area for the laptop on the Toshiba site sucks. It seems to offer a bunch of downloads, but with little to no explanation what a download does. I like toshiba laptops, hate the support. P.S. Vista sucks on this computer! I wish I were using XP.

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