Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Document Trove online

Previously I attempted to set up documentation for my various geek efforts. It was modestly successful for what it was, I received comments from a few people that they found the write ups useful. Unfortunately, MediaWiki proved to be a very high-maintenance and difficult to use wiki solution.

So now that I've finished migrating my website from one hosting company to another (more on that later) I've set about recreating my Document Trove. Unfortunately, the database that I had been running on was corrupted, so I lost the two-dozen articles I'd posted. It's partly my own fault, however, as I hadn't backed up the database in a long time. However, the former hosting provider was no help (again, more on that later).

Fortunately, I was able to salvage a few postings. Thank heavens for Google's cache. ;-)

My new Document Trove is running DokuWiki. I'm very pleased with it. It follows all of the standard Wiki conventions, and doesn't require a database backend. Very slick.

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